Applying to MBA as a science major

<p>I'm a chem major/cs minor at a top 10 university looking to go to business school. My only problem is I'm not exactly sure what I should be doing right now. I'm a sophomore and haven't done any sort of banking/finance internship yet (and won't be doing one this summer - working on a team for a nanotech competition), but I have competed and placed in business plan competitions...I just don't know what skills are the most valuable in terms of focusing my efforts on. Yeah it's a MANAGEMENT degree, but after all the conflicting advice I've heard I want to make sure I'm applying for the right reasons (otherwise I could just go into grad school and become a scientist)</p>

<p>Also, what's the latest on PhD/MBA programs, and how useful are they?</p>


<p>Hovito, I can offer info on what my son did. He was an engineering undergrad and concentrated on getting good grades. Then, he got a GMAT book and read it over to help with taking that exam after his junior year. He applied to business school his senior year and got in. With great grades and GMAT score, his biggest problem was relatively little actual employment. Still, with about a year of employment from summer internships, he was able to be admitted. Still, most of the MBA students had worked longer and many had their tuition paid by their employers.</p>

<p>He got a dual degree MSME + MBA. Others got JD + MBA. There are undoubtedly other combination programs also.</p>