Applying to multiple Rutgers campuses

So, I’m just about to apply to the three Rutgers campuses early action with the Coalition Application, but I’m stressing about whether I can apply to all three campuses with the Coalition Application. There is a question on the application that asks whether I have applied to other Rutgers campuses. In all the months I’ve been working on these applications, I hadn’t, so I wrote no. My brilliant self realized today that once I submit one of these applications, I will have applied to a Rutgers campus and will, therefore, have to answer yes to that question.

But when I wrote yes, I was told I have to apply using the Rutgers application. When I went to rewrite the information, I ended up on a page talking about different Rutgers schools that was basically a dead-end.

My questions are the following:

Can I apply to multiple Rutgers campuses using individual applications on the Coalition App?

Am I misunderstanding something here?

Contact the Rutgers admissions office and ask their advice.