Applying to OWU, some doubts

<p>This thread seems empty but hopefully I will get some answers.
I really like OWU and have contacted the enrollment and international admission staff. It does seem OWU is generous with aid. I am looking for full tuition scholarship and from what I researched it seemed that we have to give Schubert scholarship test? Will my SAT scores and grades be enough for full tuition? I am giving two SAT and hopefully will cross the 2000 mark if not 1900+.
I can't afford more than 13-15K per year, but will be able to show the 20k proof for the first year.
I am thinking that if i get a full tuition ride then I can cover the living expenses. Besides working part time will help to ease the financial situation. I contacted the OWU enrollment department asking if they cover full ride including living expenses but they said they only provide partial scholarships. Although it is stated in their website that full tuition scholarship is their maximum. How difficult is it to get the full tuition and what is the process as an international student?
I am hoping that need aid and scholarship together will reach full tuition fees.</p>

<p>hope, my son is a sophomore at OWU and likes it very much. They seem to be pretty generous with scholarships. They have rolling admissions, so once you apply, you should get an answer from them about the aid pretty quickly. </p>

Thanks for the plan. By the way how much aid is your son getting and what was his SAT score if you don’t mind? </p>

<p>When I applied (a few years ago), I was offered a generous scholarship. However, in the Spring of my senior year of high school, OWU had a couple different scholarship events where students compete/interview for the very best scholarships. So, pretty soon you should hear an offer, but they may also invite you to one of these events to earn more. </p>

<p>I am not too sure about what scholarship you may get specifically. I know they look at both GPA and SAT/ACT, so GPA could play a big role in the cut offs for different scholarships. </p>

<p>Also, unrelated to your question, I can say that although I am not an international student, I have many friends at OWU who are. They find community at OWU and seem to enjoy it here. It is great because we are not too outrageously far from Detroit, Cedar Point, Chicago, Columbus, etc so if you do stay on campus during some of the shorter breaks to save travel money, you can still do stuff with a group of friends. Just thought I’d throw that in here!</p>

Thanks a lot! That sounds really helpful. It’s good to hear that OWU is indeed generous. Hoping for the full tuition.</p>

<p>Thanks for the extra information. I am really looking for a good community environment and it is wonderful to hear that about OWU.

<p>Essentially, if you’re among the most promising international applicants, you have a good shot, but minimum is 1300 CR+M/ 3.7.</p>

<p>Oh, so they ignore the writing section at OWU? I was hoping that my lack of CR score would be fulfilled by a good writing score.
I am aiming for a 700+ and around 600 CR in my nov 8 SAT. It is good to know that with these scores I will have a good shot. Thank you! </p>

<p>My daughter just received her acceptance. Her ACT score is a 32 and unweighted GPA is 3.97. She was awarded the Schubert Scholarship worth $28,000/year. She is considered a Schubert Scholar and is accepted into the honors program as well. According to their website, this is the highest scholarship level. After contacting OW, I found out that they have revamped their scholarship program. There will no longer be a scholarship completion for additional scholarships under the Schubert scholars program , except for education and theater majors. The Economic Fellows program will have an interview and no tuition $ attached. They have gone to a grid system that looks at grades and test scores. The person I spoke with said that they feel this is a more accurate way to determine scholarship eligibility. I guess this eliminates the Founder’ s scholarship they awarded in the past. </p>