Applying to Pamplin for BIT or Undecided - how selective is BIT?

My daughter is applying to Pamplin and deciding whether to pick BIT or Business Undecided as a major. Is it difficult to get accepted to the BIT major, or if it is safer to apply as business undecided and select BIT during her first year if she is still interested.

4.3W GPA, in-state, strong EC and both parents are Tech grads.

Very hard to tell. As far as I have seen they have not limited anyone within the business department from changing major into BIT. Once your in Pamplin they like to pride themselves in you get in day one and have opportunity (vs. schools that require another admission decision into business). I would say if wants BIT apply as BIT. That way they get your schedule right exactly setting you up for the major day 1. I don’t think there is any significant difference in Business Undecided vs. BIT admission - and your grades look good as well.

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@Rollhigher Not sure how it translates to selectivity, but for the class of 2023 the #3 most popular major that students applied for was Business Undecided and BIT was #10. I don’t know if it’s buried somewhere now or they no longer post it, but you used to be able to see historic admissions stats by major. I can’t seem to find that now that VT has updated much of their website.

Finance was the only major I saw that had any different coursework in 1st year (1 credit survey class). My student went in BU and his roommate was BIT and their courses were identical.

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For the most part Freshman year is about the same in the business dept. short of maybe a preferred elective or something.

@Rollhigher If she’s interested in BIT, apply to BIT rather than undecided. It is the same as far as competitiveness, but there are advantages to already being in the major as a freshman (since there are requirements/grades required to declare a particular major later). At least this was the advice given to my son by someone we knew in admissions when he applied as an accounting major a few years ago. And of course she can always change to something else other than BIT later if she wants to.

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