Applying to possibly 15 schools, HELP PLEASE

<p>I know it's crazy; I'm crazy for thinking that I can apply to all these.
So I'm most likely applying to Dartmouth, Harvard, Yale, Northwestern, NYU, Stanford, UChicago, UPenn, and my "safety" University of Texas (in state). My maybe's are UC Berkeley, UCLA, Boston College, Vanderbilt, Cornell, and UNC.
I know the ivies/most of the school's I'm applying to are incredibly hard to get into but I at least want to give it a go, say I at least tried.
I'm going to be a senior this year, my class rank is currently 32 out of 760 kids but my school is extremely competitive.
I took the SAT once sophomore year and scored a 1980 (I had to take it to apply to this one program) and I also took it once during junior year and scored a 2170.
I took the ACT only once and scored a 32.
I have a 6.7 GPA on a 6 point weighted scale.
AP's: 4 on world history, 5 on english language and composition, 4 on us history
Throughout high school I've taken all Honors/AP classes (core class wise)
This year I'm taking english 4 AP, calc BC, stat AP, economics/government AP, art 4, world areas studies/communication application (half year-required), earth and space<br>
I was on the tennis team for 3 years, have received medals for numerous tournaments
I'm highly involved in my school's Key Club (volunteering organization-ours is the largest in the world). Sophomore year I was social chairman, junior year I was publicity chairman. For 2013 I completed over 100 hours of volunteer work and received the bronze level presidential service award. I'm also in Model UN, French club, French NHS, NHS, Debate, Student Council, a freshman mentoring program, Mustangs for the Military (a military support club-sending in packages and what not for troops- I'm treasurer) and Junior Statesmen of America.
I'm very involved in art also. Fall of freshman year I participated in the Glassell School of Art Advanced Junior Studio Scholarship program, took 3 hour classes Sat/Sun every weekend downtown at the art school. (had to apply to get accepted) Received other numerous awards and distinctions for my art.
Anything else that may be going for me, idk I'm Mongolian.
Summer of 2014 I studied at the University of Paris- Sorbonne for 3 weeks as a part of the AIFS study abroad program (studied french language and fashion)
Summer of 2013 did a 3 week program at Yale (Summer Institute for the Gifted- University Prep)
Summer of 2013 did a 3 week program at Yale (Summer Institute for the Gifted- took academic classes such as Medical Microbiology, Intro to Engineering etc)
Summer of 2012 did a 3 week program at Princeton (Summer Institute for the Gifted-also more academic classes)
Summer of 2011 did a 2 week program at Stanford (Educational Program for the Gifted Youth- studied math)
(The SIG/EPGY programs aren't actual Yale/Princeton/Stanford college classes btw)
This summer I also worked a part time job at a frozen yogurt shop.
Financial aid wise, my family lives pretty comfortably so I'm not sure if I'd even qualify for anything, but I do have 2 younger siblings and we are first generation.
Any and all help would be very appreciated! I'm trying to get a better understanding of my chances and if I should even apply and any advice you have for essays and applying and what not would be great! Thank you so much!!</p>

<p>What are you interested in studying?</p>

<p>I’m also very indecisive haha, I’m leaning more towards business at the moment. Specifically finance but if I go to UT it will be for accounting (because UT’s accounting program is the best in the nation) </p>

<p>You seem to have pretty solid stats, but I wouldn’t consider UT a safety (even if you are auto-admit) because McCombs School of Business is competitive. I think it would be worth your time to research at least one more “true safety” even though you will most likely be admitted with your current stats.</p>

<p>Also, have you visited any of these schools? Perhaps by visiting you could narrow down your options. At least for me it did.</p>

<p>I’ve visited like half these schools but the ones I haven’t are like UChicago, UPenn, the ones I’m for sure applying to. What are good “true safety” schools that aren’t in state? I’ve been thinking that if i don’t get into UT Mccombs I’d rather go out of state because really my parents aren’t going to pay for me to do something in a liberal arts field. But then most business schools are pretty hard to get into anyways if they’re any good. </p>

<p>If anyone else has an opinion on my stats and what not please say something because I need all the help I can get</p>

<p>Hey! so it seems that due to your low (for Harvard) scores, you may not want to apply to Harvard or yale unless you would hate to not apply, but I think my tip would be to really convey a sense of intellectual vitality, hone in on your interests (the ECs seem a bit scattered) and try to emphasize any awards or recognition you may have. Also, I would recommend retaking either the ACT or SAT a last time. Chance me back if you have a few minutes? Thanks</p>