applying to Rutgers

<p>Hi I am a Canadian Student at the University of Toronto First Year Pre-Med (hate it), and I really want to apply to Rutgers even though I know that I am way late. I will only be using high school scores, so I will start as a freshman. Does anyone know the possibility of being considered for acceptance into BiomedE, B.Eng/MBA Program, IndusE or B.S/B.Eng programs at Rutgers. What is my chance for scholarships?</p>

<p>-High School was the Best Public School Program in Canada for Math and Sci - TOPS
-Very,very competitive only 60 kids per grade</p>

<p>H.S. GPA: 90% Average (Very hard to get in my program, highest C.GPA was like 95%)
RANK: Although not given, top 10% of 450
Courses: AP Calc BC, AP Phys C (only 6 others in canada), and AP English, along with all other tops courses (special enriched courses)
SAT Reasoning (2006): 700 (m), 610 (R) 700 ( W)
SAT Subject (2006): Math 2: 740, Math 1: 720, Chem: 610 (yeah its horrible). I don't think Rutgers looks at these though?
ECS: Worked at International Organization FTC - 400-500 Hours: Chapter Director, Volunteer at Head Office, Participated in Leadership Academy
BCCS - Bangladeshi Community Service - 200 Hours: youth reach administrator
Neighbourhood Srvice - 60 hours: workn with seniors in local low income school community
SAAJ Performing Arts, East york soccer club, humanity club - treasurer, and quiz league team captain</p>

Grade 9: - Honour Roll - Honourable Award, BP208 Global Impact Contest by CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) - video on Child Labour - Silver Medal, Fryer Canadian Mathematics Competition - held by University of Waterloo - Da Vinci Engineering Enrichment Program @ University of Toronto (Medical Breathroughs and Engineering, Regenerative Medicine: Stem Cells, Gene Therapy, and Biomechanics)
Grade 10: - Honour Roll - Top 25% in Canada, Cayley Mathematics Competition - held by University of Waterloo - Silver at Toronto Regional Sci-Fair (Walk the Walk - Prosthetic Gait Analysis) - MDS International Award for Science Project</p>

<p>Grade 11: - Honour Roll - Honourable Award, DX Competition (Design Competition for Portable Relief Housing) - Gold Medal at Toronto Sci-tech Fair + CWSF Participation trip @ Saguenay, Quebec (CFD Analysis of Coronary Artery Bifurcation) - Finalist at Canada Wide Science Fair - Summa Cum Laude in Canada Virtual Science Fair (different from CWSF) + monetary award by Piping Fluid Systems Inc. - 5th Place at Sanofi Aventis Biotech Challenge - University of Toronto Scholarship - Bronze Medal at Hypatia Math Contest by University of Waterloo</p>

<p>And a bunch more in Gr.12 just too lazy to write them all.</p>

<p>Work: Self-Employed, Self-Run Business, TUTORING worked for 4 years around 100 students tutored in total,
Research: CFD, Heart Attacks etc. at University of Ryerson with Professor Naylor on science fair project, worked with Roi Engineering Firm etc.
Essay: Good, I think
RECS: Really good, AP Physics Teacher, AP English Teacher, Professor, Community Organizations</p>

freaking out cause I am really last minute</p>

<p>You seem like a very well qualified individual. o.o Rutgers really looks at SAT scores and GPA, basically. And you're above the median so I'm pretty sure that IF there's any spots left in the freshman class, you'd be accepted if you applied to the School of Arts and Sciences. However, the programs that you're looking for might be a little more competitive, so I can't guarantee it 100%. I heard it's a numbers school. I've been accepted to Rutgers and I might be going there as a freshman next year, so I don't know everything exactly, but I live 10 minutes from the campus so I hear a lot about it. ^^</p>

<p>For scholarships, I doubt you'll get much, if anything. The priority deadline for scholarships was December 1st, and I sent in my application about 3 weeks after that, and I only got a 10k a year scholarship (SATS: 730 CR, 760 M, 790 W, 4.4 GAP w). Financial Aid deadlines already passed as well, so I'm not sure you'd get much coming from that area.</p>

<p>I hope this helped a little bit!! And Good luck with everything!</p>

<p>thanks that helped quite a least got a sense of how i fare.
darn...needed them scholarships. let's see what it turns out.</p>

<p>thanks again .</p>