applying to school in NYC feasible?

<p>I'm currently in the 8th grade, and I am doing well in school(high honor roll) and i'm the only asian kid in my grade. My school isn't very diverse and I want to learn chinese in school but there's no place I can learn it from where I live in a small town in PA. So I want to goto school in new york where they offer more variety and foreign languages. I was thinking about Collegiate school(1st choice) cause of classes they have and location. But I will hope to get in all honor classes next year as freshman in my public school(except math doing Algebra 1 CP because did not take this year).</p>

<p>If I do good freshman should I apply to school in NYC, or should I apply after sophmore year?
And I could use some advice(grades,tips,etc..) because I don't know much about applying to top schools in NYC.</p>

<p>just putting it out there: there is a school called "Masters" right outside NYC (30 min train ride) it's in dobbs ferry and that is also a decent boarding school, you should research it, but I would assume they offer chinese.</p>

<p>to get into collegiate, you have to be amazing at life... and then some</p>

<p>collegiate isn't a boarding school though, so if you live in PA... :S</p>

<p>more than that a GOD but only for 9th grade getting in, in kindergarten is not impossible</p>

<p>a lot of private schools in nyc offer chinese, and being in ny is awesome. I would apply as soon as possible, but it doesn't really matter.</p>