Applying to the Academy as a Graduate


I’ve wanted to be a pilot in the Air Force since I was a kid. I was an average high school student and did not end up applying to USAFA.

I forgot about the dream through college up until recently, and I want to give it another shot.

I am a Senior graduating with a BA in Accounting this summer from a large state school (I live in Michigan).

I am currently 19 years old, so I do not take issue with investing time in another Bachelor’s degree.
I did not do AFROTC at my university.

I am making this decision on the brink of graduation, and so it has created a fuss with my original plans for the near-future. I planned on continuing education to get my Master’s of Science in Accounting (1 year program). I would be 20 when I graduate. I feel that I will go through with this, because I need something solid to work towards while I figure out my path to the Academy.

I want to know your opinion of how my unconventional route will affect a possible application to the Academy. My ultimate goal is to become a pilot, and so I am seriously considering the USAFA.

I am looking into OTS (and perhaps AFROTC here in my Master’s year). I am aware of the AFR and ANG, and will do more research there as well.

Thank you.