Applying to Tufts spring Term for engineering

<p>I applied for transfer at Tufts for the spring term. I am transfering from Stevens Institute of Technology with a 3.3gpa (3.5 1st sememster and a 3.1 2nd). I am studying engineering and hope to do the same at Tufts. Right now I am doign a coop term at Stevens which I think is going to hurt my chances of getting in.</p>

<p>What do you guys think?
My sats were 1280(730math 550 verbal) and sat IIs were 730math Ic and 600 writing.</p>

<p>I think I am pretty borderline but did have a strong showing at Stevens.</p>


<p>My gut says not strong enough, but AriesAthena, who is a graduate of the Tufts Engineering school and visits this forum regularly will undoubtedly see your subject line and respond.</p>

<p>Yeah I agree. The only chance I see myself having is I have expressed strongly that I want to go there and my engineering grades from Stevens. Seeing as I am applying for the engineering school, they may look my retardness(lol) in english classes. However I did get an A and a B in my two hum classes at Stevens.</p>

<p>Bump up to the top</p>