Applying to University of Miami...

<p>I applied to University of Miami and was wanting to check the status of my application and find out if they had received my transcript and test scores yet. I went to their website and they said I could do that using my Cane ID that was sent to me when I applied online. But, I applied using the Common App a couple of days ago and I never received a Cane ID or anything. Could that be because it hasn't finished processing or because it's Christmas Break? Or should I try to contact the Admissions people and ask?</p>

<p>I sent my Common App to UM a couple days ago. It is most likely still processing because of winter break or other reasons. Maybe they are waiting for all materials to be received before they send you or me a Cane ID. I saw that they downloaded by teacher’s rec on Common App, so they should have my app and recs. Check your school forms too.</p>

<p>Just wait a couple more days because scores take a a week or two to be processed. </p>

<p>Good luck!</p>