Applying to USC from a California CC... Question

<p>GPA: 3.1
Major: History
School: Santa Monica College
Other notes:
-SMC Scholars Program
-Working at the library about 15-20 hours a week
-Barely graduated high school
- 2 credits for AP tests: 4 on lang & comp / 4 on u.s. history</p>

<p>I realize my shots aren't great, but I'm still going to give it a shot anyway.</p>

Is a letter of recommendation required?</p>

<p>Any further comments/advice would be appreciated.</p>

<p>Required? It's my understanding they'll look at everything you send. Since you're definitely a borderline case at best--I'm in the same boat, so I know how you feel--I'd send along a few strong recommendations from professors.</p>