Applying to USNA as a Sophomore in College

I was interested in attending the USNA my entire life, although am just now feeling the heavy regret of not pursuing it. I would be so committed, and right now there is nothing I would like more than to attend the USNA (or NAPS).

However, while I would certainly need to work much harder to meet the physical requirements - I’m curious about the grade requirements and how or even if this entire process would be doable in my situation. I am a rising Sophomore in college, and my GPA is very low - 2.45. This is not because of not being able to achieve a higher GPA, just bad choices. I am confident that by the end of my Sophomore year, Spring 2019, my GPA will be high enough, and the physical requirements would be met, to consider applying to the USNA.

There are three questions I have in short -

Do you believe this is even worth pursuing at the point I’m at?

Who might you recommend to speak with this about? My college does not have an NROTC or even an ROTC program, so there is no one on campus I could talk with. Perhaps a Navy recruiter? Or USNA admissions?

While I’m betting there isn’t - are there any other opportunities that are close to what one would experience at the USNA?
According to their web site, you can transfer in, but you will have to do 4 complete years there. Your current GPA is probably an issue.
Google is your friend.