Applying to Wharton but no Business Experience!!


<p>As a really interested person in Business, I have no formal business experience. Yes i have taken Macro and Micro Economics and gotten 5's on the AP's. But has anyone else gotten into Wharton without indepth business experience?</p>

<p>Yeah, I had zero business experience in high school. I didn't even taken econ or want to be a businessman. I wanted to work in environmental policy. A strong quantitative background is far more important than business experience.</p>

<p>Are you talking about Wharton undergrad or MBA? They don't expect business experience for undergrad applicants but they require it (at least 2 years post undergrad) for MBA applicants.</p>

<p>I had 0 business experience..but got into Wharton.</p>

<p>I think every post on this Upenn board is about undergrad lol.</p>

<p>No, Wharton doesn't expect their undergrads to have any business experience. You are after all still in high school. However, it's important to have strong math skills.</p>

<p>If youre not running a business out of your basement by the age of 7, you wont have much of a chance at Wharton.</p>

<p>The best part about business is that it is not an autonomous course of study. Almost every aspect of life is run by business principles. I didn't have any business experience, but in my app, I emphasized my love of world languages and culture and connected it to the fact that in today's increasingly global economy, cross-cultural knowledge is needed---that's why I planning to pursue an additional degree in Chinese Language and Culture.</p>