Applying while abroad

<p>I've been taking Japanese for a year now and I found out I love it and would really like to study abroad. All the study abroad programs at my college require four semesters of college japanese so unfortunately I can't study abroad through a program at my school this summer or next year. </p>

<p>I just finished up my sophomore year and will start applying next year. My question after this long introduction is: Would it be wise to study abroad over the summer while I'm dealing with the AAMCAS and secondaries? Since everything is online (it is right? i don't know anything about secondaries), I can't see any problems other than I won't be around to bug my rec writers about getting stuff in on time and won't be able to talk to my premed advisor but there's always email.</p>

<p>I think it would be very unwise for me to go anywhere fall semester when (hopefully!) i will be interviewing but would spring semester be ok? I'm not sure how late the interview season runs.</p>

<p>Thank you for your advice, I am really grateful to all the parents and students who take time to read and comment!</p>

<p>My DD applied whilst working abroad, it was fine, but she did need resources in the US to print & mail some items.</p>

<p>What about studying abroad during your senior year of college. I really want to study abroad at the London School of Economics, but I am concerned about medical school applications. If I am fortunate enough to receive interviews, I would have to fly back and forth for almost every interview which would be a huge pain in the ass. Anyone study abroad during their senior year of college (first semester)?</p>

<p>@somemom, could you please explain what needed to printed and mailed? could it be something that could be done by a family member if left with careful and detailed instructions?</p>

<p>As I recall some schools needed the actual secondary printed (signed) and mailed along with a photo
A couple of schools just needed a random 1 page form of some sort
Several needed a photo mailed
TX even needed the check mailed</p>

<p>Yes, a trustworthy family member could do it, that is why I am so familiar with DDs process, I printed and mailed many items, kept a little stack of photos on my desk, I think I mailed 6-10. Many schools allow uploading & I assume it will get more tech savvy each year, but I definitely needed to mail things.</p>

<p>DD worked abroad the entire year and did have to fly to the states for 3 interview weekends, plus we really ate the cancelled fare on one trip. We tried to have her fly to our town and take Southwest from there, so we have some fully usable southwest credit.</p>

<p>I know some one who did a phone interview for a UK school, maybe you could skype an interview if you are too far away?</p>

<p>A foreign airline who shall remain nameless had a credit that could only be used by her, could only be used once-like one trip on one phone call, lose the remainder- and they charge $75 each way as a booking fee AND the $75 fee for each rebooked leg cannot come from the remainder balance one is losing. I don’t know if she was successful, but on principle DD was asking for the remainder balance in flight meal bucks and she was going to treat the flight to lunch ;)</p>

<p>My DD scheduled her interviews one weekend a month, AUG/SEP/OCT and was able to cancel the NOV & JAN ones when she got in her #1 choice early. The Jan one was tied in with her holiday trip home. It was a pricey aspect of the process :(</p>