Applying with a UC Non-transferable class to a Private School

<p>Hi everyone! I will apply to a private school in the spring from a CC, and I wonder if I got a B in a UC non transferable class would take affect on my overall GPA or not, because most UCs don't look at it and won't affect your GPA, but Im not quite sure about the privates? Thank you in advance to answer this question!!</p>

<p>That's a very good question and I'm looking forward to others responses!</p>

<p>which private school? any specific one?</p>

<p>I would think the private school considers your overall GPA...</p>

<p>Why would private schools care about the transferability of a course by UC standards? Whether or not a course is transferable is up to that particular institution, as is how your GPA will be calculated. </p>

<p>So as Ferrari4XD pointed out, it depends on the school. Check with the school you're applying to.</p>

<p>what about usc?</p>



<p>Thats what I think too, I really want to apply to NYU with a decent GPA.. and I think the grade will take into account to my overall GPA. Thank you!</p>

<p>Don't forget that NYU still requires SAT/ACT scores as well as your HS transcripts.</p>