<p>How do I apply to yale online.Is there any way?please give me the website if there is.</p>

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<p>There you go. Yale uses the Common App exclusively, and there's a Yale supplement that goes with it. Anyway, read the instructions carefully before applying.</p>

<p>Is it ok to print the commonapp of the website and send it in through the mail? I do not want to apply online however I would like my application to be neat. Also, when you print out the common app your "signature" is typed in. Would it be better to not type it in and sign it in pen? THanks</p>

<p>if you are going to fill it out and print it, which is a fine and sensible thing to do, i would sign it in ink. the "signature" is only typed because you cant sign it online.</p>

<p>Ok...thanks a lot iplayoboe!!!</p>