ApplyTexas Topic A- Person who's made an impact on you

<p>I wrote my first draft of my ApplyTexas Topic A essay and I wanted to know what people thought of it! Also, I wanted to know what everyone thought of the length of it? Wasn't sure if it should be longer. Any comments/opinions/help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!</p>

<p>For most students in high school, the point of learning is to obtain decent grades on ever-important report cards and to be able to wear a satisfied grin when teachers hand back graded papers. Most high school kids go to class, complete the required assignments, and then proceed to forget everything they learned once it is no longer needed for school. During the majority of my career as a student, this was the case for me as well. However, during my junior year of high school, I unexpectedly came into the realization that the conceptions that I had had about learning were extremely flawed. No, this was not due to a particularly inspiring class or a teacher whose lectures were enlightening. On the contrary, it was due to my boyfriend at the time.<br>
This guy, named Michael, has many unique character traits, but the thing that sticks out about him the most is that he asks countless questions. Any person who has had multiple conversations with him would most definitely agree with that. Michael is curious about anything and everything, and he is constantly inquiring about random topics and googling various subjects. At the time, his constant thirst for knowledge puzzled me; he didn’t merely learn because he was required to, or to get good grades. Actually, he had utterly average grades. No, Michael learned because he genuinely wanted to do so, and this made him a very interesting person. As our relationship continued, I was able to spend more and more time with Michael, and was constantly exposed to his inquisitive nature. Although at times his incessant desire for knowledge was slightly annoying, for the most part I came to admire his personality.
Michael and I broke up a long time ago, but I am thankful to say that his impact on me lasted even though our relationship didn’t. His general outlook on knowledge inspired me to have similar feelings towards learning. Since my experience with Michael, I have thought a lot about knowledge and what it should mean to me. Because of him, I am more aware of what actually sparks interest in me and what I want to know more about. No longer do I only study what is necessary to succeed in school. No longer am I satisfied with simply absorbing the knowledge that will enable me to do well on an exam. No longer do I accept the outlook the majority of high school students have about learning. In contrast, I have adopted an outlook that desires so much more, because the world we live in has so much to learn about.</p>