Applyto a CSU?

<p>Can I still apply to a CSU (for the lulz) if I didn't finish the GE requirements. Which is three extra classes: Speech, PE, and some other humanities class.</p>

<p>Apply, but I doubt you'd get in. I say you call them</p>

<p>For the lulz? Yeah, good idea.</p>

<p>Worst case scenario: you get rejected, and you only wasted some valuable time of the already clogged up California public education system.</p>

<p>Best case scenario: you get accepted, and you take a spot from one person who was also probably qualified to get in, but because so many people are applying (including those for lulz), they did not beat out the competition.</p>

<p>Wait... that best case scenario doesn't sound all that rational.</p>

<p>I hope these lulz are big, worthwhile lulz. I even more so hope that your "for the lulz" was a joke and your sense of humor just isn't quite up to par.</p>

<p>This epic fail of a thread + the replies gave me good lulz.</p>