<p>It is just about that time of year when high school students get appointments to WP. Has anyone gotten their offical appointment certificate yet? If so, please write a little about where you are from, your ec's and your test scores. Go Army!</p>

<p>I'm from the Great Lakes Region, 32 ACT, and I am the Captain of my Varsity Football Team, I ran track, play ultimate frisbee, peer tutor, volunteer at a retirement village and in my Church, began a Key Club at my school, play in the Pep Band, President of HOSA, Student Voice, Student Senate, FBLA Officer, School Newspaper Opinions Editor,Class President all four years, student government officer, Science Club, Math Team, Spanish Club, Wilderness Adventure Club, Student Support Foundation Coordinator, Prom Mid-Winter and Homecoming Committee Coordinator... </p>

<p>^That's a lot but the true reason why I think I got in was because I did stuff in all of those groups and I showed leadership qualities and had learned lessons</p>

<p>I am from Baltimore, Maryland. I received my appointment yesterday. I have been Captain of the Varsity Wrestling team since sophmore year, I've played football, wrestling, tennis, lacrosse, baseball, badminton, soccer, and track. I have participated in a wide range of high school and intramural sports. I am also Company Commander of the JROTC Battalion at my high school. To keep it short, I was, and am currently, active in my community, church, and high school. I'm in FBLA, Model UN, and the Young Republicans Club. I have two Nominations; a Congressional Nomination and also an ROTC Nomination. SAT 1980. Caucasian-African American minority.</p>

<p>Good luck in your ventures.</p>