<p>My appointment came today........I'm so excited......good luck to everyone else!</p>

<p>Got mine today!</p>

<p> it your first choice??? I still between navy and merchant marine.</p>

<p>I don't know if it is my first choice, I am waiting on NROTC and to see if I can get NAPS, now that I did not receive any USNA nominations.</p>

<p>I got into the Foundation program today, but I have two nominations to navy , so if i dont get into navy this year.....i think ill do the foundation, but im still not sure.</p>

<p>I'd rather do NAPS than Foundation. But that is not up to me...I haven't heard a word from the Academy since I applied in late September. I didn't get my nominations cause my SATs and GPA weren't high enough...tell that to the insurgents in the Middle East, do you think they are more afraid of a guy with a 4.0 than a 3.4? "Oh Shnap! He get's A's! RUN!"</p>

<p>to make things even harder, I have an appointment to West Point now.....I dont really know what I want to do, I think I need to visit King's Point to make up my mind. I'm still leaning more towards the Foundation thou. Do you what the process is to get a active duty navy commission from King's Point?</p>

<p>I am pretty sure when you graduate from NROTC and USNA you get a reserve Officers commission and after one year on active duty you can apply for an active duty commission. If you go to KP I think all you have to say is "I want to do that!"</p>

<p>hey fly navy, i am a current mid at KP. I was also a west point reject and that is where i wanted to go to school. So you already have some great choices to pick from. Here is my advice.</p>

<p>Visit every academy you are considering, you will spend considerable time there and who have to at least tolerate the environment( the weather in NY sucks, plain and simple so you are going to deal with that either at WP or KP).</p>

<p>Find out what you really want to do, and do some serious soul searching. I know at KP it is not hard to get a navy commision, I consider it to be the best source for Navy Commisions, better than USNA. This is because you get the service academy experience, you will know more about the sea and be "saltier" than any navy mid, and you generally will have a better chance at getting what you want. Navy is very competitive becaues of its size, if you want to fly you had better work your ass off there. All academies are hard, and they wear you down, so consider that when thinking about what you want and how hard you will have to work. At KP you can go flight quite easily in the Navy, you will compete mostly with NROTC guys, but since you are at an academy and leaps and bounds ahead of them to start off with ( congressional nomitation, tough academics, no BS majors, regimental training, interships with navy flight) then it is not tough. That does not mean it is a sure thing, a lot of guys here say it is harder than it was to get a navy flight spot. But last year, or the year before, I heard that something like 20 applied and 19 got it( the one guy was medically DQed). That figure also does not include NFOs.</p>

<p>Finally make sure you know what you want. I really did, and still do, want to be an active duty officer in the military. That being said what an academy looks like on the outside is nothing to what it is on the inside. These schools give their students a truly unique experiences, something you will not understand till you go to one( or possibly if you have a sibling/parent who is grad). Right now you might really want that navy flight spot, well things change and who you are at 18 will not be who you are at 22. That is my best reason for KP, you get options out of here. You can go reserve and live a civilian life, or you can go active duty. I will be truthful with you and tell you in my opinion you have to jump through more hoops and go through more BS to go active from here than the other acadimies( i can explain this more if you want), but you will be a better officer for it.</p>

<p>Man, you got some great options, so do not look at anything as a failure, I would have killed for what you got. Just make sure you think things through, know yourself well enough, and make the most informed choice you can. I think any way you go you will find yourself at a special place. If you got anymore questions email me( <a href=""></a>) and if you come out here drop me a line, ill see what I can do for you.</p>


<p>ps sorry for the crappy spelling/ grammer had a late night with academics</p>

<p>I received two appointments, Congressman and Senator, to the USMMA, to date I have received an appointment to the USCGA, and a 4- yr NROTC Scholarship, admission to VMI, a presidential appointment to USNA. I have not heard from the USMMA nor the USNA........ I have accepted the USCGA appointment ........ I am happy!!!!</p>

<p>Are you sure that was a presidential appointment to the Naval Academy and not a nomination?</p>

<p>Oops, it was a presidential nomination. I spoke to my BGO about it. Only 100 will be selected for an appointment from this group. However, there is an unlimited amount offered across the nation. BGO told me it would be ideal to add another nomination to my admisssions package. I live in a very competitive district for the USNA. I also wear contacts, I had to request a waiver, and the appointments offered to "waivers for glasses" puts me into another limited appointments group. I really don't expect to hear from the naval academy!</p>

<p>We have a hired man that has applied. When are the notifications due out? I hate to ask his mom (he doesn't work for us during the winter) in case he didn't get in...</p>

<p>Never mind--I dug around a found that May 1 is the notification date. Anyone else hear sooner?</p>

<p>Any more news on appointments?</p>

<p>I recieved an apponitment a couple of weeks back. I'm pretty sure I'm going to USMA though. Good luck.</p>

<p>First of all, in the Navy there is no best source of commissions. If you are from NROTC, USNA, OCS, or a direct appointment everyone going into the Navy gets a reserve officer commission. It does not matter where you come from, and everyone goes to the same place. Second of all, if you want to fly in the Navy you need to work your ass of from where ever you are. There are a set number of flight billets set for the Academy, NROTC and OCS. And if you think for a second that because you are at USMMA you are somehow better than us ROTC mids you are sadly mistaken. I had congressional appointments to service academies, and my university isn't known for easy academics. And there are plenty of BS majors at service academies. The fact is that ROTC mids and USNA (by extension I am assuming USMMA mids) are all required to take calc, physics and other science, history and political science courses regardless of their major. We also have "internships with navy flight" only they are called cruises and we can go for a 1/c Aviation cruise if we wish to go aviation. We go on 3 summer cruises the same as USNA. To say that because you go to a service academy makes your chances better at getting flight or for that matter an service selection is wrong. To get what you want you have to work hard and do well at everything to garrentee your service selection. The simple fact is that it doesn't matter where or how you get your commission the Navy knows that after being in the fleet for 6 months it doesn't matter where you came from. I would hope you respect us ROTC mids because we are just as hard working and as dedicated as you there.</p>

<p>Sorry to tell you purduemid, ROTC is great and all but I was there for a year. I doubt that your ROTC detachement can claim a 95% placement level for flight, or whatever else you want in the Navy. You do not spend 300 days as sea, you do not visit 18 countries, you do not have the general everyday military BS fed to you that we all do. I am not saying that flight is a sure thing from here, it is not a sure thing from anywhere, but there are fundemental differences that a service academy education gives. I think ROTC is a great program and I think ROTC produces great officers, I do not think I would be as good as a person or have the leadership experiance I do if I had stayed at ROTC. KP gives a lot of choices that no ROTC det. can give, don't turn that into some kind of peeing contest.</p>

<p>Its great to have found this place! VENT VENT VENT!! I'm about to have a stroke waiting to hear from USMMA & USNA. I've been accepted to the Citadel and to University of South Carolina. Turned down at USMA & USCGA to date. My BGO says that my file is still "open" at USNA and that they are considering me for NAPS. USMMA has called me several times and the Parent Association contacted my parents last week to see if they had questions about the academy. I've been told that I'm a strong candidate for there. Could this be considered a good thing? I've got three nominations (two congressional & one Senator) to USMMA and two to USNA. Its great to read that everyone else has had or is still having the same concerns as I am. Really good to read the advice from the MID that is at USMMA. Your comments on the weather in NY made me grin. South Carolina is 80 today! If I'm offered the appointment, I may have to go north to find some warm clothes...... I plan to contact the USMMA admissions guy that I've talked to at the first of the week and ask him what my chances are. I MUST come up for a visit at USMMA but don't want to do that unless I'm accepted. The only chance I have is over my spring break April 4 - 8 as I used my college days visiting The Citadel and with being CO of my high school's NJROTC, I've missed a few days here and there doing stuff for that so can't miss anymore school. Then AP exams will be coming up so I'm stressed about if I'll hear something in time to get up there. Any thoughts?? And I'd like to say CONGRATS to those of you who know what you're doing and that you've got all those options! Very impressive indeed!

<p>Jamz, just curious how you got two congressional nominations to one academy! Must be a red-state thing! Just kiddin good luck and I hope you get an appointment!</p>