Apprehensive Junior..

<p>Hi, I am currently a junior (Asian, not a citizen, but legal)</p>

Honors English 1 A
Freshman Band A+
Spanish 2 A
Phys Ed A
Geometry A
freshman science A
Global History A</p>

English 2 A
Spanish 3 A
Health A+
Honors Algebra 2 A
Honors Biology A
Honors Chemistry A
AP US history A</p>

AP Language A
AP Chemistry A
AP Biology A
AP Government A
Honors Spanish 3 A
Honors FST A
American Lit A
Honors Journalism A</p>

AP Physics
AP Spanish
AP European History
AP Literature
Honors PDM
and other required classes...</p>

<p>I haven't taken the SAT or the ACT yet..
refounded the Political Action Club
organized student support for levy
member of Faith Club
member of Spanish NHS
member of NHS
volunteer at Special Olympics (basketball and soccer)
Senior class secretary
volunteer at hospital
around 200 hours of volunteer currently..
Freshmen mentor
elementary kids mentor
spanish tutor (maybe)
played tennis freshman and sophomore year and will play varsity senior year.</p>

<p>My family's constantly struggled financially all through my middle school and high school..
There were instances when our electricity was cut, when we were ten cents short of being able to buy flour and I have gone to pawn shops, jewelry shops, sold on ebay, and many other things in order for our family to go on. I was wondering if these things are good things to include in your college essay and if it will give me an edge.. </p>

<p>I'm hoping for Brown or Columbia. My views are really conservative so should I stay away from that on my essay for Brown??</p>

<p>I'm a junior for brown and columbia, too. Your academics are much stronger than mine (my stats are on another chances post), so if they say I've got a shot, I'm sure you do, too. I think it really will come down to the essay for you, and since essays are all about proving to the schools that you'd be a good fit, I'd suggest staying away from talking about your conservative views. But seeing as you're applying to Brown despite these views, you must be tolerant and greatly accepting of left wingers. Perhaps you can somehow work that in.</p>