Apps submitted then this SAT score came back WWYD...

Applied with ACT…
highest composite of 32
super score of 33 (went up a point in math)

SAT came back this week 1440…
forget doing anything with it as it equates to the 32 anyway?
send it to just the ED school?
send to all schools?
move on, pop a cork and celebrate this part is OVER?

Been told the following…
send it, as it shows consistency.
hold onto it in the event of a deferral.


If they concord to the same score, then IMO it’s a waste of money and there’s no point. However, some schools require students to send all test scores and do not allow score choice, so make sure to check the Admissions website to be sure.

@PikachuRocks15 thank you. the ED school is an all scores institution but if we only sent is all the ACT scores they have no idea he even attempted the SAT. They do super score and the 33 is actually better than the 1440 so to you point, l’ll let it go and save the $ to eventually get him some college swag.

If the school is an all-scores institution, then you are REQUIRED to submit your SAT score. If the school finds out after you are admitted, they could consider that as him trying to falsify his academic record (by leaving out all test scores,) and could potentially revoke his admission, which you don’t want.

@PikachuRocks15 the school is test optional. how can I be REQUIRED to send them?

Your original comment didn’t state that the school is test-optional (not every school is like this,) only that it requires all scores. If that’s the case, then it should be fine, but I’d still recommend reading through the Admissions policy thoroughly to be sure.

Only one college requires all SATs and all ACTs taken. Very few require all scores any more. Check the website.

He’s been accepted to Pitt via rolling admissions? So this is another college? Want to tell us whether it’s a reach school?

With exceptions, it’s the component scores that matter, not ACT Composite or SAT total. Or concordance. So if, eg, the SAT showed a marked improvement in one area, sure, you might send it.

@lookingforward Yes, accepted rolling. ED school not a reach but the program is what he wants so decided to go for ED to get into a dual major which has limited enrollment. SAT just like ACT higher English scores vs math. 100% consistent. They are legit one in the same. Big reason to not send is because they would see Junior Year scores which are 100-120 points lower than most recent SAT.

If I knew it would help with any merit we’d send. Doubtful and in the end a 33 ACT is actually better than a 1440.

Need to move on from this and just wait it out.


Forget it. “Consistency” is not a thing.