April 15-16 Admitted Student Visit

@EnquiringMom posted this in another thread earlier this year:

“To any signed up for April 15 visit, It’ll be a jam packed 24hrs but registration doesn’t start till 2p that Sunday so if anyone is interested we could meet for lunch at Spoon deli (144 w Liberty st) around noon?”

Just want to confirm that this is still the plan and invite any others attending the program that weekend to join us for lunch.

@1518mom That still works for us. We have a 3hr drive that morning so I’ll make sure to leave in time to arrive by noon if you’d like to meet. Otherwise I’ll probably sleep a little later. :wink:

@EnquiringMom We will be flying in the day before and will stay at a hotel near the Cleveland airport. Will drive down to Wooster in the morning.