April 1st... Promises, promises....

<p>So, it is nearly 6:30pm on April 1st and we still have heard nothing from U.Del after my daughter applied Dec. 1!
Yes, we have called, e-mailed, called again, and again...
Promises, promises... it's too bad... at one time U.Del was her top choice.</p>

<p>The new admission process this year at UD has certainly been disjointed with an apparent number of confusing/contradictory/inaccurate responses in portal messages and responses to emails and phone calls. No doubt this has resulted in some applicants/parents becoming understandably disenchanted with UD and deciding to go elsewhere. UD does monitor the UD CC board so I am sure they are aware of all these issues and hopefully will respond by refining the new admission’s procedure in the future. As noted in several posts in the Acceptance Thread I will say that this “disjointedness” does not carry over into other areas once a student has decided to attend UD, at least by our D’s experience for 4 years at UD. I am not trying to provide an excuse for the disruptive admission’s procedure this year (and it is sad and very unfortunate) but rather I am just saying that is not characteristic of how UD performs in other areas in providing an excellent education for its students. Good luck to your D. I wish her the best wherever she decides to attend. </p>

<p>We have not heard yet either- not a peep on portal or snail mail but he has already committed to Clemson (Go Tigers!). UD was never really a top choice, however, I am Alum and I really thought we would have heard by now. We are going to reject of course if he does get accepted. He applied Oct 1st (or whatever day the portal first opened) and got accepted at each of the other 10 schools he applied. Sad Sad for UD to do this to the kids and even sadder that they treat Alum this way. I give donations to UD each year and was proud to be an Alum. I will have to rethink my “giving” going forward. Good luck to those on the waiting list and to those still “waiting”.</p>

<p><strong>UPDATE</strong>. Official acceptance just landed in our mailbox. S will decline once home from school today to open up spot for someone else. Criminal Justice BS Major- Good luck ALL!!</p>

<p>DITTO @mwallenmd. We feel the same way. D is a Junior and we all love UD. Love it so much S was accepted and has decided out of the 12 schools he got accepted to that he wants to be a Blue Hen too. I really hope that UD admissions monitors this board and makes some positive changes in the admission process going forward as I would hate for this to a reference point for those wanting to attend. Come on UD, we know you can do better!!</p>