April 2011 Curve

<p>Do we know what it was for each section? I took the test standby so I just got my score and did not do as well as I expected...</p>

<p>yeahh i did really bad on my APRIL ACT. i got a 29, and that was lower than my usual practice tests where i'd get a 32 or 33...</p>

<p>but i don't think the act curves it..it's the same every time.</p>

<p>Its not the same every time.......</p>

<p>yeah, it kind of is.
if you are unlucky and get a hard test, then it's too bad.
the curve is not based on test day performance, it's preset.</p>

<p>I can tell you what the curve is when i get the TIR service in the next few weeks. Probably 2.</p>

<p>clearly its set before the test day, based on the difficulty of the test... but its not the same everytime......</p>

<p>it is not on a different scale, the scales only change very slightly from year to year for the sections with less questions (reading, science). they use a raw score table to determine your score, no curving of any sort</p>

<p>If you spend more than 3 minutes on this website you can clearly see that everyone refers to the "scale" as a "curve"</p>