april or june?

<p>so this will be my last shot at the ACT-- should i take it in april or june?</p>

<p>No difference; last year, April's reading was brutal; June's nemisis was science......Why is it your last shot?</p>

<p>it will be my third time, i don't want to take it as a senior.. so whatever i get on the third try, i'm sticking with (unless it's lower than my second score)</p>

<p>Why can't you take it both dates?</p>

<p>Yea, just take it both dates. Since we get to choose which score we want colleges to see, I'm going to take it every test date. It's like, why not?</p>

<p>Yeah, why not take it both dates. If I don't like my ACT score in April, I'm taking it again in June, and if I don't like then, then I'll take it in September.</p>

<p>Same as above.</p>

<p>I say June. Concentrate on APs in May, an SAT subject test or two 6/6, ACT 6/14 then RELAX! (But do something enriching wherever your passions lead over the summer.)</p>

<p>I agree with surflj. I would concentrate on APs and SAT II in May and take it in June. Btw, I'm taking it in June for the third time but I'm still looking to take it my senior year. I don't see why you don't want to unless you already have a score that you are satisfied with.</p>

<p>take both..
that way you can choose the score that you want to send to the colleges..</p>