APs at same time = no study?

<p>Ok, so this year I'll be taking AP World History and AP Biology. I'll be using Cliffs and PR. Does that I mean if I prepare for the AP Exam I'll be fine for the subject tests?????????????????? (Bio M and World History?)</p>

<p>You should be.</p>

<p>I mean, for World History, I hadn't taken a course I just read PR and skimmed Barrons and I feel like I did decent... 700+? So taking an AP class and doing well in it should transfer to the Subject Test.</p>

<p>Ya... I took APUSH and didn't study at all for the subject test, and I'm positive of at least a 750 but most likely scored a 790 or 800.</p>

<p>Last year I took AP Bio and APUSH in May, didn't study for the subject tests in June, and got 770 and 800, respectively, on them.</p>

<p>AP test prep will more than cover you for SAT prep.</p>

<p>Does this work in reverse?
I'm studying for the Bio subject test with 2 review books (Designed for the Subject tests).
If I get a good score, would I be considered proficient on the AP Tests, or would I need a little bit more studying (eg buying an AP test review book)?</p>

<p>AP is generally harder than SAT2. (Theory: AP shows that you've mastered college level material and SAT2 shows that you've mastered HS level material.) So if you prep well for AP, you are almost ready for SAT2 in same subject. However, I would always recommend taking a SAT2 practice test (see book from CB), so that you are familiar with the format and questions on the test. For example, Chem SAT2 has a bizarre format that you need to have seen at least once before.</p>

<p>And no, it doesn't work in reverse due to the description of both tests above.</p>

<p>Studying for the APUSH exam in early May, I took SAT II US as an aside and scored a 790.</p>

<p>Yeah, you'll be good to go, especially for those subjects. Just to make sure, you might want to go look at some of the sample questions on the College Board site, but otherwise, you need not buy any books or study materials aside from those which you will use in preparation for the AP tests themselves.</p>

<p>I took AP Bio and AP World and took both SAT II's (got 750 on Bio-M, 770 on World History). I'd say you need to review for both - WH was significantly harder than the AP, while Biology was easier than the AP test (I felt like I was prepared, but I guess the score reflected otherwise). </p>

<p>But for biology, be SURE to review your labs - there's a ton of lab questions on the SAT II. World History gets pretty specific, more so than what was on the AP test (i.e. Father of Indira Gandhi).</p>

<p>Yes I took USH and Bio Sat II in May like 4 days before the actual AP tests, I didn't really review especially for the Sat II, I just did a whole bunch of practice tests, and I felt I was well prepared for the Sat II. The best way to prep is to practice, practice practice</p>