APs for college?

<p>Do colleges look at AP scores for admission? Do they weight them heavily? Will they look at which year you took them in (freshman, sophomore, etc.) Will a low score hurt you in the admissions process? What would their minimum 'good' score be? Thanks. I'm thinking selective colleges like UVa. :)</p>

<p>Yes. No. Yes. Not Necess. 4.</p>

<p>Yeah so I took two APs this year as a freshman and I feel stupid now that I got a 4 on APUSH and other freshies got 5s on their APs. I’m still waiting for AP World. ugh -_-</p>

<p>Thanks!!! You rock!!</p>

<p>4’s and 5’s are respectable scores actually. If you’re truly disappointed by your AP scores, you don’t have to report them as most colleges make it optional. In the common app, for instance, YOU can choose which scores to report or not; if you got lets say eight 5’s and five 3’s, you can report only the 5’s and not the 3’s. Though in my opinion, AP scores don’t put that much weight in the admissions process.</p>

<p>Oh, and I know plenty of people that did not take AP’s as a freshmen and they still ended up going to highly selective colleges! So you shouldn’t worry too much. I recommend not comparing yourself to how other’s are doing and just focus on your own goals. Good luck!</p>