APs for next year

<p>I have to register my schedule for my junior year soon. Heres what it looks like
AP chem
AP physics
honors pre-calc
honors french 4
AP statistics/calculus AB
AP english
regular US history</p>

<p>I would sign up for AP US history, but they only allow juniors to take 3 APs at my school, so I might be able to convince them to let me take a 4th. Anyway, I think i can get into statistics, but im not sure about calc AB since honors precalc is a prerequisite. But if they dont let me take 4 and I gotta give up an AP, which do you think it should be? I think i would probably narrow it down to AP stats and AP english.</p>

<p>Pre-calc is a waste and you really don't need pre-calc for calculus.</p>

<p>hmm how do i convince my teachers that though? lol</p>

<p>out of curiosity, do u go to BLS?</p>

<p>whats BLS?</p>

<p>I would definitely not drop AP English as the majority of top schools recommend or require 4 years of English. Also, as it is considered a "core" subject, it is even more important that you take the most rigorous level (AP) of English. If it were me, I would drop either AP Chem or AP Physics because many schools recommend only three years of science. Plus, it is probably better to have a more balanced schedule, i.e. one English and one Science class rather than two science classes. If you are set on eliminating either AP Stat and AP English though, I would drop Stat unless you need the math credits more than you need the english credits. In the end, it is your choice. Good luck!</p>

<p>i don't think taking pre-calc AND AP stats is such a good idea
although they aren't so demanding, i think you should take pre-calc over the summer somewhere or just take one of the two next year and take calc bc the following year.
o i also recommend definetly taking AP US over AP stats it'll probably look better
and finally taking both APchem and physics may not be such a good choice especially since your school only allows you to take 3 a year
but if you really want to take a choice between AP Stats and AP English take out AP Stats</p>

<p>if your school doesn't offer calc bc why bother taking your last math class in 11th grade?</p>

<p>hm thats a lot. chem and physics will be tough... im not too godo with history so i wouldnt be able to handle that load. but maybe if youre good at it. im takning ap bc calc, chem, phys c, stat, and comp sci next year</p>

<p>my school does offer BC calc but im guessing id have an easier time convincing them to let me take AB in junior year and I could do BC senior year. Also, id like to mention that Im planning on applying to engineering/science colleges like MIT, Caltech, and Stanford, so would taking AP english still look better then AP stats to them? This year, im taking AP european history so I think that AP english would still be better for me than AP US history. So what do yall think?</p>

<p>just take precalc next year and AP Calc BC in 12th grade</p>

<p>you will get to be with your friends next year as well as the year after. AP calc AB will have 12th graders then</p>

<p>well ill think about it. Im just worried that engineering colleges might not like it if i havent taken an AP in math by the time apply</p>

<p>BLS is boston latin school. i was just wondering because they limit students to 3 AP's at this school (my school)..</p>

<p>nope i live in VA</p>

<p>ooh one more detail i forgot to mention...If I take an AP in math, then I can do Mu Alpha Theta my junior year which might be good since my ECs in math and science are somewhate lacking</p>

<p>In the end, I think that the strongest schedule is balanced with one history, one english, one math, one science, and one language.</p>

<p>^ if your school offers all of those then it'd be a good idea. are the foreign language APs hard?</p>

<p>I talked today with some teachers about my schedule. Theyd let me take 4 APs, but they seem to think that it would be a better idea to take AP US history over statistics. It sounded like I wasnt going to get into AB calculus. My mom though thinks I have no use for US history if im gonna major in engineering or science. But my teachers say that colleges will see that its rare to take calculus as a junior at my school, so I should just stick to honors precalc. Anyway, if I do take AP US, ill have a free block which ill prbly fill with an arts course 1 semester and either independent studying or Phys Ed the next. What I was thinking is perhaps I should wait until I get the results from my AP Euro exam. If I get a 5, then it prbly wouldnt hurt to do US too. What do top colleges think of 4s?</p>

<p>The best way to choose classes is to see what your friends are doing. If most people in your school take AP US in 11th grade you should take it then too. If they take it in 12th then you should take it with them. You should take AP US, probably the majority of students that can read and write at a reasonable level take it.</p>