AP's for Senior Year

<p>Hey I just found this site a couple of minuets ago and I was wondering if you could give me some help and what AP's I should take my senior year. I'm aiming for national AP scholar with 8 AP's with a 4/5 in each but my classmates say its useless because i'm applying to colleges before I get the actual award.
Current stats:
10th grade
-AP Chemistry - 4
11th grade predictions
-AP Physics - 5
-AP Computer Science A- 4/5
-AP U.S. History - 4/5</p>

<p>Assuming my predections are correct ill need 4 more AP's to get national AP scholar. The AP's I know im taking are biology, calculus, and U.S. government and politics. I know I would probably 3 AP French so that's out of the picture. The AP's that I'm considering as my fourth are Statistics or English Literature. I'm afraid I might overload myself if I take two math AP's and i'm afraid of getting a 3 in English because I am a math/science guy. Another possibility is that I could continue computer science as an independant study and take the AB exam. Some info on how difficult/easy these AP's are would be helpful in my decision.</p>

<p>The AP Bio and AP Calc exams aren't bad. Are you taking Calc AB or BC? The Gov exam isn't hard, but there is a lot of info to know. It's the hardest exam to get a 5 on.</p>

<p>It's calc BC so I think I can pull off at least a 4 on one of the parts.</p>

<p>I took lit and stat my senior year. As for stat as a math class, im more of an english person, but i really enjoyed stat. Its more of conceptual math, which was a lot easier for me. Then lit wasnt hard either, because i like english. I would choose depending on your strengths. Are you a math or an english person?</p>

<p>The national scholar is useless for senior year, so I'm trying to get one this year. With luck I will.</p>

<p>But Stat is barely math. Half of it is interperting graphs and designing studies. The next half involves tests and stuff, but almost all of them are doable easy on the calculator, with the sole challenge being interperting the results and applying the correct tests. You won't get overloaded. It's probably much easier to get overloaded with English lit.</p>

<p>My first piece of advice is TAKE THINGS THAT ARE INTERESTING TO YOU. Taking calc, chem, phys, us, and psych all junior year was very difficult, but it was OK because I was interested in it. English and Biology were much more agonizing for me, because they weren't nearly as interesting. </p>

<p>Secondly, you should never take a course solely to get the honor - particularly when the honor will come in Sept of 2007. A guy at Pitt got the Rhodes this year, and he told us what we already knew - you get the Rhodes by doing what interests you, not by spending four years trying to get the Rhodes. </p>

<p>That said, my pearls of wisdom will probably be ignored, so I'll state that AP Statistics is VERY easy. You can self-study in about 9 days and still get a five (I can give you the study plan for that if you're interested). Email me for that at <a href="mailto:cag51@pitt.edu">cag51@pitt.edu</a></p>