AP's in Junior Year

<p>I am a sophmore in high school with a 3.7 gpa, up until this point I have taken every honors course allowed by my high school. I am now deciding which AP's to take junior year. I have a few schedule options, and seeing as I play 3 sports and volunteer, I would like to find one that is the right balance of challenging but reasonable. So, along with Precalc H, Spanish 3 H, and Theology, should i take: AP Bio, APUSH, AP gov and politics, AP English?</p>

<p>At d's school APUSH took the most time, but it may just be singular to the way it's taught there. Lots and lots of notes. Other than that, usually your counselor can help you plan a schedule that articulates well from Jr year to senior year. Again, at D's school APUSH is the standard junior class with Gov taken senior year.</p>

<p>At my school APUSH is a sophomore class, but since yours is a Junior class, I would highly recommend that. I didn't take it myself and it is definitely something I regret. I do have to say, though, that AP English (I'm assuming you mean Language and Composition??) is a great course! I am currently taking it and I really enjoy it. Lit isn't my favorite or best subject, but I can see that I have made a TON of progress since the beginning of the year. If the teachers that teach either course are good matches for you, then I say take one or both of those. Just don't overload yourself!</p>