APs on Common App.

<p>If we are planning to take APs (i.e. senior year courses), should we list them without a score but with a 05/2008 date? Should we also include APs that we plan to take even if they are not on our transcript (I am self-studying AP Psych.)? Thanks</p>

<p>Yes and yes. Just realize, though, that doing so commits yourself to taking AP Psych. If you don't do it, you're technically lying.</p>

<p>PS. Do you mean that you're listing these as a supplement to the Common App? I'm pretty sure there's not a space on the application itself for AP scores.</p>

<p>You can list them under the award section. For example, if you are AP scholar, you list that with the scores that you receive for each AP class. Not sure it's a requirement to list pre-planned AP for 2008.</p>