AP's taken vs offered

<p>Hey guys, </p>

<p>I want to start a thread for how many AP's you guys have taken + plan to take by senior year vs. the number available at your school. This is just to help me with my tutoring club so I can give the students a general idea of the rigor of other high school students' schedules. </p>

<p>Please post:
a) year in high school
b) how many APs you have taken
c) how many you will have taken by graduation (total (fresh-senior yr) )
d)total AP classes offered at your school
e) optional: What is the maximum AP's taken by students at your school whether past or current</p>


<p>I'll start first </p>


<p>a) sophomore
b) 1 - APs here are typically upperclassmen only (plus three self-studies)
c) 12
d) all but a couple languages
e) no more than ten, my school makes taking APs extremely difficult, most students take two or fewer during 11th and 12th grade.</p>

<p>a) Senior
b) 12
c) 20 or 21
e) around 6, usually</p>

<p>a) Junior
b) 1, and currently enrolled in 3.
c) 8
e) I'm not too sure, but I'd bet somewhere in the 10-12 range. Doing all 15 is nearly impossible, but I wouldn't exactly put it past everyone.</p>

<p>Also, you people must be super geniuses or something; that's a lot of AP's to handle!</p>

<p>a) sophomore
b) 4
c) 16-17
d) 24</p>

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<p>Just curious but are you self studying any though it's your senior year? And what are you taking/ have taken? 21 is insane</p>

<p>^ Yes, 7 self-studies this year. My classes include AP chemistry and English Literature, but i'm selfing world history, human geography, art history, computer science A, environmental science, statistics, and calculus BC (even though i'm well past calculus BC material).</p>

<p>Wow!!!! I was thinking about self studying art history and world history but I don't know if I should since they're too late for college apps and top 20 colleges dont give credit for history tests(or am I mistaken?) and human geo.</p>

3 (APUSH, APELang & AP US GOV online course)
15 offered but max of 8 you can take (all 4 years if you take 2 online courses)</p>

<p>a) Junior
b) 4
c) 14 (self studying 4 of them)
d) 19
e) The highest i have ever heard is 12 but there is probably those who have taken more</p>

<p>9 - We offered 10 last year, but no one could teach AP Stats this year. Plus everyone failed the exam last year (along with the AP Euro exam, but we have a more competent teacher in).</p>

<p>We have AP Bio, APUSH, AP Lang, AP Euro, AP Bio, AP Lit, AP Calc AB, AP US Gov, AP Music Theory, and AP Spanish Lang.</p>

<p>I've taken AP Lang, AP Euro (only person from my graduating class who took it), AP Bio (under different circumstances than most), APUSH, and AP US Gov.</p>

<p>a) Junior
b) 3 (APUSH, English Lang, Microeconomics)
c) 7 (taking US Gov, English Lit, Macroeconomics, and Chem next year)
d) 15 I think
e) I think the most is 10, but don't hold me to that.</p>

<p>a) junior
b) 4
c) 13-14
d) 14ish

<p>RunDMC, honestly I'm doing it mostly for entertainment purposes rather then credit. The textbooks make for an interesting, focused read and I enjoy learning the material.</p>

Five? - APUSH, AP Lit, AP Calc AB, AP Comp Gov, AP Bio
Right this moment there are three, next year there will be five (Comp + Calc are going to be new) and AP Studio Art and AP Spanish are rumored to be offered but I 1. Can't draw and 2. Take Japanese, not Spanish.
Most ever taken - not many. Maybe two a year max, for a total of three because that's all my school has offered until next year.</p>

<p>a) Junior
b) 3 (counting this year)
c) 6
d) 13
e) Well, I don't think it would be possible (schedule wise) to take more than 6 or 7 (None available freshman year, chem or bio sophomore year, chem/bio/APUSH/calc AB/calc BC/Art history, but you have to drop a language to take art history, junior year (you can only take one of the calc classes), chem, bio, physics c, calc AB (you can't take BC as a senior), lang, lit, french, spanish, art history, gov, humgeo)</p>

<p>a) Senior
b) 4
c) 10
d) 14
e) 10-13</p>

<p>a) Junior
b) 4
c) 8
d) 16
e) Unknown</p>

<p>a) junior
b) 4
c) 5-7 (probably 6 but who knows!)
d) 13 at the moment, more added next year
e) Well, our school is in its 3rd year so we haven't had any whiz kids doing APs in freshman year since they aren't offered. No limit, but I can't see people doing more than 10.</p>