Aptitude for humanities?

<p>on the note of humanities, is MIT pretty keen to stress that its humanities aren't at all that lacking? At least i got that impression when they stuffed this postcard with "humanities at mit" inside the app=) </p>

<p>So if you're an applicant who's strong in the sciences, but not too bad in the humanities with knowledge of >2 languages, and played the piano for >10 years, will these give you any advantage over applicants who're solely specialised in the sciences?</p>

<p>er... this seems to be a good bunch of the people who apply... if you're asian that makes 2 languages plus probably a third in school, and also probably piano or some musical instrument... for example, I have, piano for 11 years, English, chinese, japanese, and a bit of french... so I don't know.... anyone?</p>

<p>Everyone I've talked to about MIT seems to think that the most "well-rounded" candidates have better chances of getting in than people who specialize in only one thing, but then again, that is their on-the-record advice...who knows what they really think when the doors to the Admissions Building are closed after Nov. 5? I guess I would just say that anything you do can help you. I am in the same boat as you guys, I don't only do math and science stuff, I am involved in lots of different activities. In fact, for the optional essay, I sent a story I wrote in like sophomore year. I would say just the fact that they're asking for something you've created--be it research, music, or literature--is just that they're interested in your creativity. Not creativity in science, math, or anything like that, but creativity overall. I hope that helps.</p>

<p>Hmm.. but it would be correct to say that MIT students are generally more "sciency" than those who go to harvard/yale?</p>

<p>Of course we are more "sciency" than HAVHARD students!!! Than Yaler's too! We are MIT! Does HavHard figure out how to sneak past campus police to climb roofs? How to rewire an entire building or control their professors electronic blackboard? Do they pull pranks on their rival schools or learn how to speak in a language all their own? Nothing here as a conventional name - numbers numbers numbers!!! Sorry - can you tell we aren't big fans of being compared to HavHard and Yale? :) Anyway, we do have a decent Humanities program - sure its not as great as Havhard or Yale's, but their science programs can't hold a candle to ours - so there you are - I for one LOVE humanities and I almost considered a double major with Physics and Ancient History, but have now decided to just minor and do a double science major - regardless however, you should be well rounded in all things - many of my friends really enjoy one of the humanities, several intend to pull minors - but hey, we all remember that its MIT after all, the Massachusetts Institute of TECHNOLOGY - not HavHard :)</p>

<p>even tho MIT is a sciency school, it still likes to see humanities on the app. After all, if you stay on campus for awhile, you'll know that not all students from MIT are nerdy (you know, typical, glasses, stay in all night, study all the time type of student). There is a variety of lotta different people who are interested in the science area, but not obsessed with it.</p>