APUSH DBQ Question

<p>I am too flustered to wait for a response in another thread that isn't even the topic of discussion to be posting my question, haha, so I will make an independent thread:</p>

<p>On the DBQ, I only used one (and a half) source(s) of outside information because I couldn't get my brain to think of any specific sources. Does that ultimately guarantee me a 4 on the DBQ or will the 1 use of outside information allow me to get a 5?</p>

<p>I think it will be hard for anyone here to say, since the readers will consider thesis/structure/etc. in the evaluation of your essay. I would expect a 4 for that, but that’s just me.</p>

<p>I used most the documents, all but two. My thesis was very blunt, and I think it is correct.</p>

<p>I just thought I read somewhere that if no outside information is presented, a 4 is the highest you can achieve. I was just wondering about very little outside information.</p>

<p>My teacher said that one piece of relevant outside information can get you to a 4, not that it can get you above a 4. He could be wrong though. The thing is you’ll probably never know, so as long as you wrote 2 other strong FRQs and did well on the MC you’ll be alright with a 4, maybe even a 5 if you did really well on the other portions.</p>

<p>I will be happy for a three, because in my state most colleges accept the same amount of college credit for APUSH at a 3, 4, or 5 plus we get $100 cash every exam we pass to spend at our leisure from our high school. A 3 would be fantastic and would leave me satisfied. The second FRQ was my best subject in the whole course (a godsend), but the fourth FRQ I kind of… guessed, haha.</p>

<p>Really, $100 cash? That’s awesome. I’m just happy that my school pays for my AP tests, lol.</p>

<p>Yeah, but I wish they’d pay for ours. We get 1/2 off for up to three tests, so it was $43.50 a test. A net gain of over 50 bucks, though, although I didn’t pay for my test myself, haha!</p>

<p>Wow are you serious… we had to pay full $87 for all tests… not to mention not getting paid $100 for good scores…</p>

<p>That would drive me to the point to maybe not take the number of exams that I am. Move to Kentucky, haha!</p>

<p>I used all the documents. Laissez Faire for the win!!!</p>

<p>guys if i didnt cite any of the documents what should i expect… i rephrased some of the documents and quoted one but i didnt put according to… or (doc a) :(</p>

<p>^^^ The standard isn’t supposed to be (info sentence) (source A)(period) </p>

<p>If you made reference to the documents directly/indirectly and you were clear they will count towards the synthesis part of the essay. There are “9” examples that never say (source X) (source Y) (source Z) anywhere in the essay.</p>

<p>omg thank you for answering! ive been panicking all day ! haha</p>

<p>I wouldn’t worry too much over it. Even if you only get a 4, if you average 5’s or 6’s on the other essays and got around 55-65 of the multiple choice right, you can still get a 5 overall. Also, on the topic of money, my school district requires us to pay $98 per test, so as to cover the cost of the free/reduced students, who only have to pay $5 per test. Be glad they pay for yours/give you a discount!</p>

<p>^^^ that is complete BS, if i was a parent i would outright refuse that. (i wouldn’t condone paying any more than what the AP exam costs) </p>

<p>And anyway, at my school everybody just lies on lunch forms for free lunch. </p>

<p>They just assume every single person is on free lunch when giving out ACT fee waivers.</p>

<p>I live in Kentucky and we have the same system. Plus they reimburse you for the exam. I’m not sure about Social Studies though, since the grant is for English, math, and science.</p>