<p>Hey, I was just looking through some past FRQs on the APUSH exam. A lot of them say "assess TWO of the following," etc. Is it alright of you use all three they listed? The AMSCO prep book, in the first "Stating your Thesis" Guide to Writing Your Essays lesson, says that one of the theses was best because it included three. If you should use all three, then why is "TWO" capitalized? Thank you for any help.</p>

<p>I believe that was a error. Just write a thesis on only TWO and only talk about TWO when given a similar prompt like that. Besides, if you don't understand, read the sample essays on those prompt and see how the thesis is written.</p>

<p>From what I've been told, you write about exactly how many they ask you to write about. If you write about one or three when they ask for two, you aren't following their instructions, which will cause you to lose points, from what I understand.</p>

<p>I have looked at all of the free-response essays posted on AP Central. None of the posted examples goes beyond the directions. So when they ask for two they mean two.</p>