APUSH--political parties

<p>any1 no a good reveiw site or somewhere that i can get a solid overview of the major political parties their supporters and platform...Ive been really stuggling to comprise my own list and it hasnt worked out well</p>

<p>No not really but here are the ones to look for in the US:
Republican Party
Democratic party
Libertarian Party
Green Party
Constitution Party
United States Communist Party
Marijuana Party (Yes it is real)
Reform Party</p>

<p>what about like free soliers, know nothings, dixicrats, federalists...etc i always miss a lot</p>

<p>Let me help you:
Free-Soil- Northern middle class and westerners. No more slavery in the territories. Ran Van Buren and Fillmore as its presidential candidates in the 1850s somewhat sucessful.
Federalist-Mostly New englander; supported a powerful central government. Led by Hamilton, died after the Harford convention. Oppose expansion in fear of losing their political power.
Know-nothings- or American party; racist, anti-immigrantion, existed before the civil war. Emerged from the Anti-masonic party of the 1830s. (not sure about that)
Dixicrats- demoocrats those who supported sergegation in the south.
Other super important parties-
1. Republican- emrged after the Kansas-Nebreska act of 1854, anti-slavery. Very northern. Party of Lincoln, had overwhelming support until the New Deal. Gained power as the sunbelt expanded in the 1950s.
2. Democrats- Party of Jackson.
3. Bull Moose- Progressive, ran TR as a candidate against Taft.
4. State's Right- a southern party; segegationist, 1950s.
Note- you have to look at different time periods because the details about these parties are lengthy.
Ask me if you dont understand anything else.</p>

<p>populists and progressive is a really weak point i cant differentiate? thanks a lot</p>

<p>The populists were the farmers, they were kinda radical and crazy, they hated immigrants and didn't like the gold standard.</p>

<p>The progressives were much less crazy, they wanted more benefits for the poor and they were for equal rights, still are.</p>

<p>did the whigs even have an offical platform?</p>

<p>I know its a little to ask, but if someone had access to a timeline of the evolution of the political parties, that would be amazing</p>

<p>Let's not forget the Whigs</p>

<p>I think there are a timeline of the party on the internet, i forgot the address, but you should find it on google.
Also, the whigs- diverse, no offical platform, came together because they all hated Jackson. That is one of the reason they kept running war heroes as presidential candidates; they have no political stand.</p>

<p>actually, there are some specifics about the Whigs:
during the revolutionary war, they strongly supported independence. during 1830s, Whigs were totally againts Jackson; main thing is, they didn't like his strong presidency, his leadership style, and how he basically expanded the power of the presidency. (thats how they got their name. in england, whigs were oppsed to the king, and hence, Whigs in the US started calling themselves this, comparing Jackson with a king.)
they split about the slavery issue in the 1850s, and bascially dissapeard.
-oh, and according to Sparknotes, they promoted protective tariffs, internal improvements, etc.</p>