APUSH - Predict Your Score & Your Class Score

Congratulations to all who took the APUSH Exam. In our class, I always predict each student’s score and the overall # who will make 3 or higher on the exam. I have the total numbers listed on the board each week and begin tracking after the second week of class in August. Most of the students enjoy this and become very accurate themselves in terms of predicting their actual score based on their performance on multiple choice and writing assignments as the year progresses. Here is my class prediction for this year:</p>

19 students took the exam, I predict 13 will pass.</p>

I got between 2 - 8 wrong on the MC, I finished it in 30 minutes, and I thought that it was the easiest MC that I’ve taken all year. I got at least a 7 on the DBQ (Pentagon Papers, Kent State, Watergate, Vietnamization, detente, and stagflation ftw!), and a combined 5 on both the FRQ’s (lol those two had to be some of the worst writing that I’ve done all year, especially #3, even though they were pretty easy). Seeing how I’m probably a bit off on the MC by like three or four points (same thing for my essays as well), I predict that I’ll get at least a 4.</p>

As for the class, I got straight A’s including this quarter.</p>

Thought the MC was easy, I just read crash course the night before (recommend to everyone). LOVED the DBQ (my history teacher was shocked that it was past 1970) and African American history is my forte so frq’s 2 and 5 weren’t bad. I’d be surprised not to get a five.</p>

As for the class we had two teachers: one experienced and one not (I had the inexperienced one)</p>

Estimated Pass rates (3+)
Experienced: 52/60
Unexperienced: 15/19</p>

For the MC, there was some modern questions that threw me off. The DBQ was not my best or worst (I mentioned Gulf Of Tonkin Resolution–i think that’s wrong, but whatever–, Hawks, Doves, Silent Majority, Kent State, OPEC and two more things). I predict a 6/9 on this. The #2 FRQ was good! I mentioned Bacon’s Rebellion, Stono’s Rebellion, Headright System, Indentured Servants, Declaration of Independence, Joint Stock Company, Jamestown, Tobacco Plantations, and the many things slaves brought with them–their cultures, etc, and i mentioned the Quakers as being among the first abolitionists. I am predicting a 7/9. And finally, the #5 FRQ. I messed this one up soooo bad. I mentioned Garrison, Harriet Beecher Stowe when clearly they were out of the time period. I will be lucky if i get a 4/9 on this one.</p>

I am predicting a 4. I think 40-50 people took the test at my school, but the majority of them didn’t even care.</p>

The MC was hard in my opinion, especially compared to the 2001 and 2006 released tests. However, the writing saved me. I think I did pretty well on the DBQ (a 6 maybe) by mentioning Kent State/Jackson State, 1968 democratic convention, detente, SALT, watergate, silent majority and some other stuff. I did essays 3 and 5. I think I did pretty well on these but you never know.</p>

My predictions:
MC: 60
DBQ: 6
FRQ 3: 7
FRQ 5: 6
Score: 5
Class Grade: A</p>

There are about 30 kids in my class and I bet 20 will get a 3 or higher. about 3 or 4 will get a 5.</p>

MC: 70
DBQ: 6

Probably a 5. Worst case a 4. But MC was a cinch with Crash Course :)</p>

MC: 65-72
DBQ: 6-7
FRQs: 3s for both</p>

This will be very close to a 5, something I really want since AP students in my school generally receive 3s and 4s on the test and, as a student who dropped down to Honors level because I hated BS teachers, I really hope to do the unlikely.</p>

MC: 70
DBQ: 4
FRQ 2: 7
FRQ 3: 6</p>

I already finished the course and got an A-. There were about 21 kids altogether who took the test (my entire history class took it). There is probably about 2 or 3 with 5s, more with probable 4s…I doubt anyone wasn’t able to pass it, we seemed at least moderately prepared.</p>

The DBQ is what got me. Our class all groaned when we read it…the chances it’d be the thing we couldn’t really talk over. But it’s over now. :)</p>

I’m thinking I’ll get a 4.</p>

MC: Probably about 60. There were a couple where I narrowed down to two answers, but I picked all the wrong ones :frowning: </p>

DBQ: I’m guessing a 5,6 or 7. I talked about Mai Lai Massacre, Cambodian Insurrection, more bombs…less troops, Vietnamization, Pentagon Papers, China and Soviet Union visits with Kissinger, OPEC and Israel/Egypt conflict, Nixon’s tax evasion, Tet Offensive, Increased Antiwar Sentiment, increased college turnout. I regret not putting in SALT and detente in the Soviet Union section, stagflation, SDS, and I called the the increased college turnout the Young America movement… woops, but I bet they know what I’m talking about because defined what I meant by “Young America.” I also said something about the black turnout not going with Nixon and how Nixon tried to get their vote. Does anyone know if this is a 5 or 7 essay based on the info?</p>

FRQ #3: I just went with the question and said the Federalists and Republicans increased national unity. I said how the Feds used the National Bank to combine the credit throughout the country, instead of states dividing. I talked about the War Hawks, Manifest Destiny, Era of Good Feelings. My essay was War of 1812 heavy and I didn’t really talk about the 1830s. I thinking a 6 or 7…</p>

FRQ #5: The usual. Du Bois, Booker T. and Garvey for the first era, then MLK, Malcolm X and Elijah Mohammad. I talked about northern migration after the world wars, sit ins, Greensboro, March on Washington, Dream speech, NAACP, Atlanta Compromise, Tuskegee institute. I’m guessing a 6 and 7 once again.</p>

I’m predicting a 5, but there is always a chance…</p>

My mc score is probably a 60. My dbq is probably a seven. My frqs are probably 6s. According to ap pass I would get a 5. My class score is a different story. The APUSH class is notoriously known at my school to be the hardest class. The class is designed harder than the test so that when may comes around we all will do amazing. This class is only for highly motivated students. Most kids just give up and fall behind and cheat their way through the class. I personally have a B/C in the class, but with my 5 I’ll get an A. I think 35 out of the 50 kids will pass</p>

k for my teacher only 1 person didn’t pass the AP test in the last 5 years. (that is, get a 1 or 2)
I’ll prob get 4 or 5</p>

MC - I think I got around 65 correct
I think I shot straight 5’s on my essays. I knew what I was talking about for the FRQs, but I left out key details (such as bacon’s rebellion and such), but I still did pretty well.
I’m expecting at least a 4, possibly a 5 depending on my MC score. Only time will tell.</p>

As for my class, I expect maybe 2-3 others to pass. No one took the test seriously, and I think I am the only one who did any type of review.
So in total about a max of 4/17 will pass. I hope I’m wrong, for my teacher’s sake.</p>

MC- 65-70, one of the easier MCs I have taken
DBQ- 5/6/7 Not sure if I included enough outside information
FRQ #2- Not one of my best essays, guessing 4/5
FRQ #4- The best essay of the three, 6/7/8
So I will probably receive a 4/5
As for my class, I know there was a 96% percent pass rate, but there is also another teacher and I am not sure of his pass rate. (I think its still high though)</p>