Apush Scores?

I thought I did really well on it but I woke up to see a f***** 3…How did you guys do?

3 as well lol


4, but a 790 on the SAT II Subject test!


I actually find the discrepancy between AP scores and SAT II scores to be pretty funny. 5 on the AP, absolutely failed the SAT II.

5 on the AP, 800 on the SAT II, but my grade for the course was really low lol

5 on the AP
760 for the subject test

I got a 3 as well. I’m pretty disappointed because I thought I would do much better.

I know U.S. History like the back of my hand…yet I too got a 3. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t because I didn’t understand anything(it was honestly really easy for the most part), but rather because I didn’t stick very closely to their rubric. For the free response question, I wrote an entire essay on what I thought it should look like. Obviously not sticking to their rubric was a bad idea :confused:

I got a 5. I thought it was pretty easy to be honest.

  1. I thought I did decently on it, anticipating a 4. My DBQ and SAQs were pretty good but my long essay was meh.

Got a 5. Thought the AP Test was pretty easy.
Did really well in the class.
Did terrible on the SAT Subject test - 690… I’m really too lazy to study history over the Summer so I’m just going to send the 690 lol…

5 lol test was pretty easy thanks to my teacher