Hi, I’m curious if I would do well if I take APUSH… I personally am not a great writer nor am I the fastest reader so I wanted everyone’s opinion whether I would survive the class ?

Who knows? We don’t know you, your school, or the teacher. Ask your guidance counselor, friends who took it at your school, the teacher, or your parents.

APUSH is notorious for being tons of memorization and work compared with other AP courses. If you’re interested in the subject matter, passionate about it, then take it. Otherwise, just take other AP courses as you find them interesting. (My personal bias is that APUSH asks students to memorize a bunch of “facts” that are debatable and should be learned with more nuance. Unless you’re headed for an Ivy just take what APs you actually enjoy. IMHO they are overblown and restrict learning to rote facts. If you love the subject then take it. If not, why make yourself miserable?

Thank you for responding! I’m heading for a like Binghamton University, SBU and Buffalo state college. Do you think taking Honors US History instead APUSH will decrease my chance of getting in significantly. I did researches online and a lot of people say as long as my courses are getting harder every year, it’s good. The first two years of high school I did not take any honors/ap courses since they weren’t offered to me. This year (Junior year) I will be taking potentially 1 AP/ 3 Honors or 2 AP/ 3 Honors.

I took APUSH as a sophomore and I can say that it is writing heavy. I will admit I didn’t know what I was getting into. My GC literally pulled me out of USH the second day and threw me in APUSH. However, there are ways to make it easier that you will learn over the year, and the skills that I learned for reading and writing from the class were well worth it. I would agree with what others have said above. I can’t really say whether or not this will specifically set you up any better admissions wise since you will want to keep your GPA up more than possibly getting burnt-out (depending on how busy you are). Honors should not really affect your admissions chances.