Arabic Language Flagship

My daughter has been accepted into the ALF which looks like a wonderful program and I am curious if any others here have children who are in this program.She has taken Arabic for 5 years (but not in 12th grade as they did not offer Arabic 6 which has her worried) and she loves the language but never felt her teachers were that good. Are they good Ole Miss?

My daughter was also accepted. When we visited this fall the program seemed impressive.

My wife and daughter were there over the weekend for a recruiting event. Apparently the flagship Arabic and Mandarin were ranked #1. All the language testing for the upperclassmen put Ole Miss at the very very top. I think your daughter will be well ahead of the game. My daughter was accepted into Mandarin and she hasn’t taken a lick of Chinese in her life.

The Flagship people were not worried at all

Thanks for the replies!