Arafat Dead at 75

<p>I bet my uncle in Israel will be happy. I'm sorry, but could somebody outline for me why he is viewed as such a terrible man?</p>

<p>he is viewed as a terrible man becuase to many in israel, and outside too, he represents the palestinian people and the conflict in the middle east and suicide bombings and the fact that nothing much has come of peace talks etc.
its never good to rejoice at someones death, no matter who they are. i think that there are two sids to every story. anyways, since when did arafat die?? i was watching cnn yesterday and they said he was alive.
ps. not everyone views him as such an evil figure. he's actually much loved in his country and outside as well. it depends on who you speak to.</p>

<p>It was reported within the last twenty minutes. It seems like in the US we have the same view of him as a nefarious figure, but to those who don't have ties to Israel (Unlike myself), I don't see why that would be the case because they have not been directly affected by him (in contrast to a figure like Osama Bin Laden).</p>

<p>oh yeah i just read the articl. its such a shame, when you think of all that could have been accomplished. all those ifs, you know.</p>

<p>Definitely film, I agree</p>

<p>Here's a good link with powerful statements in the form of cartoons: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Nananana, nananana, Hey Hey Hey, good bye!</p>

<p>I think with Arafat out, and (hopefully) with Iraqi elections coming up around the corner, the middle east really has a chance to change. But than again, I can really be a political optimist sometimes.</p>

<p>Middle East will never change as long as we're in there blowing up people's families.</p>

<p>What we should be doing, after the blowing up part, is changing the school system and depowering religion. Shut down some mosques, monitor others. Just stifle the brainwashing.</p>

<p>Maybe this can be the turning point in the peace process.</p>

<p>"he's actually much loved in his country"</p>

<p>He does not have a country, and neither do the Palestinian people, thanks to him...</p>

<p>J, research a little thing called "black september."</p>

<p>The man introduced modern terrorism to the world.</p>

<p>aim78... depriving people of their right to religion isn't going to help anything at all. you are assuming that islam is the cause of terrorism, but its rather that terrorist prone people turn to islam when they feel powerless. the religion isn't the problem, its the people and the situations that theyre living in. no one blamed christianity for turning hitler and the nazis completely whackjob... they were gross disgusting people who hid their crimes under the veil of a religion. dont condemn religions though.</p>

<p>thank you filmxoxo17</p>