Arcadia University - How well is the financial aid?

I recently got accepted with a $19,000 Distinguished Scholarship and an additional annual scholarship of $4,000.

My question is, how good is the financial aid at that school? And can the $19,000 be renewed each year?

Revewal should be a question you ask the college (what GPA is required, etc).

Have you run their Net Price Calculator?

Alright, I’ll shoot them an email. I was wondering how other students fared with financial aid at Arcadia too.

I tried going on their Net Price Calculator but they don’t seem to have one available yet?

It looks like Arcadia’s npc is not functional.

Agree that you will have to ask their FA office if your $23K aid is guaranteed every year.

Sounds like your net cost to attend (based on 2020/21 COA) the first year is around $36K for tuition, fees, room & board? Is that affordable? Make sure to budget for extras like books, travel, incidentals, health insurance (if applicable).

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Have you applied, or do you plan to apply, to other schools? If so, I suggest running the NPCs for those schools (you should find them on their websites) and comparing the estimated costs for those schools with the cost for Arcadia. It’s important when you do that to look at the actual cost of attendance, rather than the size of the scholarship, and to pay attention to much of the aid consists of grants and how much consists of loans.

Is the aid need based or merit based? The term “distinguished scholarship” sounds like it might be merit aid to me.

At different schools we were offered some merit based aid. In the letter explaining the aid it said under what conditions the aid would continue past the first year. You need to carefully read the details in the letter.

If the letter doesn’t say then you will need to ask the school directly.

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That’s great … but what matters ultimately is 1) what your parents ’ budget is 2) what your net cost is.

Arcadia gave you institutional aid. They’ll add federal loans (5.5k) and, if you qualify, Pell grants. If you’re a PA resident you may get some PHEEA grant. That’ll be your full aid package.
Is Arcadia affordable like this?

What are your stats (honors/AP courses, having 4 each of English, Math, Science, Social science, Foreign language, unweighted GPA, any test score?)
What’s your budget?
Where have you applied?
Are you a PA resident?

Has anyone else NOT heard from Arcadia yet? My daughter applied early Nov. and has gotten acceptances from every other school but Arcadia (all rolling). It’s not her top choice so we’ve just kind of let it be but it’s odd that we didn’t hear anything from them.

Definitely reach out. My child was accepted from applying around the same time and she is a very average student with no test scores but recently she has received emailS to apply to Acadia which makes me think that they are not terribly organized there. Check in. I don’t think it’s overstepping.