<p>How is your daughter enjoying Haverford? Which comparable schools did she look at? Does she take any courses at Bryn Mawr? How are the classes? Thanks.</p>

<p>In her own words, "Haverford is an AMAZING place." We have 3 children and live out west, so we visited some but did not have a chance to see ALL the colleges before applying. Having said that, she did not get into her top 3 choices (determined by visiting or sight unseen). It came down to Wellesley, Smith, Haverford, and a waitlist at Swarthmore. After a spring break visit to those campuses, it didn't take long for her to narrow it down...D attended a summer program at Smith a couple of yrs ago...had a great time and experience...but "been there, done that." Within a short time, she took herself off the waitlist. I believe the turnaround was after attending a Haverford reception at the home of an alum for admitted students and their families...where we met the Dean of Admissions, other alums, and parents of current Haverford students...informative and welcoming. Of the 10 or so students there, 7 or 8 matriculated. Although it was between Haverford and Wellesley, D definitely had a leaning toward the former---having attended an all girl secondary school.</p>

<p>This semester, all of D's courses are at Haverford. She is a student with high standards...but, even she admits that college is a couple of notches up from high school! Perhaps this is due to her focused areas of chem and math. But, with everyone bright and studious, it makes it easier to concentrate on studying. She loves her chem professor...</p>

<p>It appears that D ended up where she was "suppose to." The students are friendly and very supportive of one another. She is especially close to her customs group---designated by living areas...and also says that there is no social distinction between freshmen and upper classmen...they are one community. Hope this helps.</p>