Arches Program - looking for feedback

My son is considering Manhattan College for Civil Engineering. We are looking for feedback from anyone who was part of the Arches program. Any information or thoughts on this program would be welcome, both positive and negative. Thank you!


My D23 was in the Arches program last year. The first thing I would say is Manhattan has done a great job evolving the program to make sure that it really is more inclusive and not creating a divide in the class. A few years back I believe it was a lot more limited and kind of presented as an “act now time is running out seats are going fast”. Today I think they are trying to accommodate all who wish to take advantage of the program.

To me there was little downside to the program. You got to move in early, have a chance to meet other students and have some fun before class starts. Last year, they had trips to Brooklyn, Chelsea piers and a few other places. The one thing my daughter would say is by the time it was over, she was ready for classes to start. There were really scheduled out from start to finish.

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