Architectural Engineering at Penn State University Park

I am currently a junior in high school looking to go to Penn State University Park for Architectural Engineering.

So first off, if anybody has been in this program or knows about the major i’d love to hear about your experiences, social life, extracurriculars, rigor, anything really.

And second, i want advice. Do you think I can get in with these credentials? How can i stand out?? Also i will be class of 2022, so graduating next year.
GPA: 97.5 (what’s that in a 4 point scale?)
SAT: 1400 (that was my first one, taking more soon)
APS: 4APs, 1 college course, 4more APS next year
Honors: All honors, no regents classes
Extracurriculars: Varsity Cross Country, winter track and spring track for all 4 years. 3 clubs, 4 national honor societies