Architecture anyone?

<p>My son has applied for B.Arch program at ND. He has applied for RD. Any EA applicants for Arch? Would you be willing to share your stats? Also, does anyone know how many spots are there at ND for B.Arch freshman?</p>

<p>BUMP! My junior d is considering architecture, with ND as an option. I hope to see more on this thread about the architecture school. </p>

<p>Good luck to your son, panantha1!</p>

<p>There are no fixed number of spots. All entering ND freshman are in their own program called First Year of Studies. At the end of FYS they will matriculate into the college and major of their choice. I think Freshman thinking of taking architecture might take one archie class. Really the Freshamn year let's you take care of a lot of the basic univeristy requirements. Whether you have slots to take more advanced classes is based on your conversations with your FYS advisor, the major you want to do, and the credits you come in with from AP's or IB's. </p>

<p>ND unlike a Northwestern, or WashU is not a school where you apply for admission to a specific college. So no quota.... good luck to your son. Remember archie's are at ND for five years to get their bachelors, since Junior year is spent in Rome.</p>