Architecture at Notre Dame (5 year) vs. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (4 year + masters)??

I’m running out of time to decide, but I’ve narrowed my search down to these two colleges. The programs are obviously very different (classical at ND vs more contemporary at UIUC). Also, ND is significantly more per year but also does not require a masters. I fell in love with Notre Dame and it’s beautiful campus, but what I’m asking is, which would you say is worth it from this information?

@FaithPrimo The “worth” of one over the other really depends on your family’s financial situation. Spending more for the school that you prefer may be affordable or it may put a heavy burden on your family. In comparing costs you also have to figure in the cost of a Masters, should you choose U of Illinois, either at Illinois or at another MArch program. I don’t know the financial situation at Illinois, but MArchs are not as widely funded as undergraduate degrees.

Both routes could lead to career success, though as you note Notre Dame is known for its classical focus. There’s a major difference between the intensity of a BArch and a BS architecture. The BArch is more narrowly focused on architecture and more intense. The BS would allow more room for experimentation in other disciplines, and more flexibility should you ultimately decide that architecture isn’t for you.

Aside from differences in the degrees, there’s also quite a bit of difference between the two universities in size and culture. They’re both good choices, but the experience would be different.