Architecture at Princeton

<p>OK, so maybe I'm just dumb, but I couldn't really find much information on Princeton's architecture program on their website. Do they offer a 5-year (Bachelor's) program, or just a graduate architecture school? Also, theoretically speaking, say I attend Princeton as an undergrad, what would be the fastest track to graduate and become a practicing architect? (Barring the mandatory internship) Any info would help.<br>
Thanks in advance, Kristin</p>

<p>Check out this link to the NAAB site.
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<p>It lists Princeton as accredited for it's masters program, but not Bachelors.</p>

<p>The undergrad program is a regular 4-year concentration: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Here is an article that might be helpful: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Haha, that was a neat article. I can't wait to take an ARC or CEE class (thought I doubt I'll concentrate).</p>

<p>As an 09er who will be pursuing the BA + M.Arch. combination (albeit at an Ivy with a better architecture school :p), I can tell you that after your 4 years as an undergraduate for your AB, you will have another 3 in graduate school for your M.Arch. If you're looking for speed, go with a school that offers a 5-year professional B.Arch. degree. However, I would warn that many people - many architects, especially - look down on the B.Arch. as being too technical, as not allowing enough time for breadth as well as depth. The BA (or AB, in your case) + M.Arch. route is the much more prestigious, highly-regarded route to licensure now. (For proof, look at the bios of some of the world's preeminent architects - most go this way.)</p>

<p>ironically, the architecture building at Princeton is one of the uglier buildings on campus, hihi</p>

<p>It really is. It's kind of like the doctor whose kids are always the sickest or the fashion designer having the ugliest clothes. The life of an ARC student revolves around that building, though, so if anyone's doing it...get used to it, haha.</p>

<p>the same is true at yale, architecture is the fugliest building. got some nice museums though!</p>

<p>LOL, I definitely picked up on the irony of the architecture building when I visited Cornell, too. Thanks to everyone for replying, that definitely answers my questions..though I can't understand how I missed that information on the website! I didn't know that the B.Arch was looked down upon...I met with a director of the Arch Dept. while I was at Cornell and she told my that employers viewed the two degrees equally. Oh well, what's another two years anyway? ;) So, I have a question for those of you who have applied, at Princeton, do you apply directly to the School of Arch (and therefore submit a portfolio), or do you just apply to Princeton as a whole? Thanks, Kristin</p>

<p>You apply to Princeton as a whole. Architecture's really just a department, though they call it a "school" (much like they do with the Woodrow Wilson School).</p>

<p>And haha about all the different schools' architecture buildings. How...perplexing.</p>