Architecture Dept. Head one of DesignIntelligence's 25 Most Admired Educators in 2012

<p>DesignIntelligence</a> 25 Most Admired Educators of 2012:</p>

Each year, DesignIntelligence honors excellence in education and education administration by naming 25 exemplary professionals.</p>

<p>The 2012 class of education role models was selected by DesignIntelligence staff with extensive input from thousands of design professionals, academic department heads, and students. Educators and administrators from the disciplines of architecture, industrial design, interior design, and landscape architecture are considered for inclusion...</p>

<p>...John Weigand</p>

<p>Professor and Chair, Department of Architecture and Interior Design
Miami University </p>

<p>Weigand earned architectural degrees at Miami and at the University of Illinois, and he worked professionally in Chicago from 1980 to 1991 prior to teaching. At Miami, Weigand developed the B.F.A. in interior design (1995) and directed the B.F.A. program until 2006. In 2001, he was awarded the NCARB Prize for creative integration of practice and education in the academy, for his work with collaborative, Internet-based design.